Anyone who has shared a meal with Kid Cary can tell you, watching him eat is not a pretty sight.  Kid Cary is the product of a Jewish mother and an Italian father, so it's been an up hill battle from the start.  Growing up, food was always pivotal.  Lots of lasagna, plenty of matzo balls.  His mother cooked all the time, and she would say "EAT, EAT."  Kid Cary's Italian aunts would fill him full of sausage and pasta, and they would also say, "EAT, EAT."  He had to face it, being both Jewish and Italian, food was his field.  Eating, is one of the three things he did best.  Realizing this, 20 years ago he moved to city of buffets and plenty of food, Las Vegas.  To him, Las Vegas has always been a training camp for hot dog eating.  He and his hot dog eating brother, Ernie, would pride themselves by eating buffets clean.  But good eaters die young, Ernie, is no longer with us.  Kid Cary knows all to well the risks of the sport, but competitive eating is his life.  So that's why fans just keep saying,



  Go, Dog Man, Go.